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Friends Of The Farms promotes an environment on Bainbridge Island where local agriculture can flourish by managing 60 acres of publicly owned farmland, providing affordable housing for farm interns, connecting farmers with landowners for affordable farmland, and advocating the community-wide social and economic value of local farms and food.
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Volunteer Work Party!

  • When - Saturday, April 27th 9:30-12:30
  • Where - M&E Christmas Tree Farm, at the end of Charles Place off Lovgreen Road Parking at the main entrance off Charles Place is limited. We encourage anyone who is able to carpool, walk, or ride bikes, but we will be ready to help coordinate parking as folks arrive. Overflow parking is available just down the street at the Butler Green Farm CSA pickup.
  • What - We plan to continue pulling scotch broom (also removing existing piles of previously pulled invasives), picking up and removing small trash and debris, and finally seeding nitrogen fixing, biomass producing, pollinator loving ground cover in it's place.
There will be tasks for all ages!
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Bainbridge Food Forest is almost HERE!!!

We are in the conceptual stages for a remarkable, edibly diverse and sustainable park; a food forest! Volunteers, experts and visionarys are moving forward to make this a reality. This is a joint venture between Friends of the Farms and Bainbridge Prepares. Building resilience in our community by leveraging regenerative farming practices to improve soils, protect watersheds and build habitats for native species.
Catch the excitment on our page!

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We're Looking for Housing for Farm Interns!

April 8, 2019

Spring is here, and with it comes many new hands to help seed, transplant, weed and pick our incredible locally grown food! This work is often done by young farmers learning the trade from experienced master farmers in our community.

Friends of the Farms feels lucky to make housing available for eight farm interns and young farmers each year. Though 2019...

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to our Program Manager, Morgan Houk, by email at:

Thank you!