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Your donations plant seeds for future growth

From now until October we have the opportunity to raise $50,000 for our groundbreaking Bainbridge Food Forest project and instantly transform it into $100,000.

Double your donation impact with a quick two-step process:

  1. Donate to Friends of the Farms via our page at One Call for All.
  2. Email us to let us know the dollar amount you’d like applied to the Bainbridge Food Forest project

That’s it!

A few examples of what your donation to the Bainbridge Food Forest will cover:

  • Ruminant rental to naturally and efficiently clear invasive species while maintaining habitat for beneficial animals and insects
  • Seeds, plants, tools, and equipment to begin habitat restoration and edible planting
  • Trail enhancement and informational and wayfinding signage
  • Irrigation to supplement natural rainwater catchment when needed
  • A dedicated project manager

The Bainbridge Food Forest (your new BFF!) is a thriving, diverse, and sustainable, edible ecosystem created by a joint venture between Friends of the Farms and Bainbridge Prepares. We build resilience in our community by leveraging regenerative farming practices to improve soils, protect watersheds and build habitats for native species. The BFF is a 13-acre public space and we invite you to come connect with, learn about and nurture the land with our many other volunteers and dedicated members.

While fostering the health of all species, the BFF is a:

  • Edible public park open to all ages and demographics

  • Community powered, co-created hub delivering hands-on experiences to grow ideas and inspire curiosity in children and adults

  • Living classroom and shared space to implement regenerative local food production and innovative concepts in habitat preservation and restoration

  • Sanctuary free for all to gather, nourish, explore, and share

  • Replicable model for year-round food security and equitable distribution of locally grown, nutritious, and fresh food

We envision:

  • Ever-evolving natural landscapes attractive to native plants, animals, and insects

  • A stream alive with salmon and trout

  • A place for recreation and reflection

  • A place to implement new ideas and technology for optimal land and water management

  • Networked leadership guiding community-driven programs, management, and maintenance

  • A source of local food to stock emergency preparedness hubs and local food banks

Our leadership team includes engaged (and fun-loving!) community members with backgrounds in farming, nonprofit project management, land use planning, human services, landscape design, natural resource management, education, and food forest design and maintenance.

Located on NE Lovgreen Road on the M&E public farmland

And we need your help! Email us at to learn more about how you can plug into this exciting project!

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Management: Alessandra Pistoia, Project Manager, Bainbridge Food Forest, Heather Burger, Executive Director, Friends of the Farms, Scott James, Founder and Board Chair, Bainbridge Prepares, Morgan Houk, Program Manager, Friends of the Farms

Leadership: Christian Berg, Heather Burger, Christy Carr, Becca Hanson, Morgan Houk, Scott James, Matt Kuntz, Russell Lawson, Stacy Lewars, Larry Loftgren, Alessandra Pistoia, Kaylie Treskin

Design/Planning Committee: Becca Hanson, Scott James, Matt Kuntz, Russell Lawson, Stacy Lewars, Bob Ross

Marketing Committee: Christy Carr, Erin Hill, Scott James, Tami Meader, Kaylie Treskin

Fundraising Committee: Heather Burger, Becca Hanson, Morgan Houk

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance Comittee: Christian Berg, Christy Carr, Larry Lofgren

Volunteer and Community Outreach Committee: Stacy Lewars, Bob Ross

Thank you for your generous gift!

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The Food Forest logo was designed by Sue Entress.